Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homeschool Websites New Search Engines Added!

Finally, homeschool search engines are now added to this blog! Unfortunately, I just went 4 weeks with no Internet due to satellite issues. Fortunately, I got a lot of offline work done! I got together all my homeschool links to educational games, free worksheets, lesson plans and all that fun stuff and put them into two separate search engines. One search engine searches through websites that are educational, have free worksheets AND it searches through free online educational games. Generally, these are geared towards elementary students, but most of the websites have educational information that junior high and high school students can use for their homeschooling. The second search engine searches only websites that have free online educational games. I might have messed up with the custom search engine, because my computer was wacky. I tried to put only web pages with free games that didn't require paid memberships, but Google may have included all pages of a website instead of just a particular page. (My little check boxes to select weren't showing up.) Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these!

I think if you go to these pages you can add them to your Google bookmark bar or whatever else they offer:

Link for search engine page for Homeschool Websites AND Free Educational Online Games.

Link for search engine page for just Homeschool Free Online Educational Games.

I hope it's a useful tool for all of you homeschooling mamas and papas out there! (Even the kids can use it! I tried to make sure they're all kid safe.)

I have to get ready for company - so have fun looking around at the free homeschool stuff! Have a great day everyone!

Post Script: I just want everyone to know that I've been testing the search engines and they're not up to my expectations yet. I had trouble with Google Custom Search Engine. The Homeschool free online games search engine will certainly be useful, but I'm finding that the one with lessons is mostly providing junior high and high school lessons, and it's also not including all the pages I meant to have listed. (There's issues with URL patterns I have to fix.) But please enjoy what you can, and definitely give the homeschool free online educational game search engine a try! Keep in mind I will be updating these. Thank you for your patience!

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