Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Homeschool Websites with Free Printable Worksheets for Early Printing and Phonics

Worksheets aren't my favorite way of teaching, nor are they my daughter's favorite way of learning. I envy homeschool teachers who can completely eliminate the need for worksheets - if there are any.

There are millions of websites with free printables, and as soon as I get my search engine up on this website I hope to include many of them in it, but, as I mentioned in my post on Free Printables that can be generated, some of these are worth bookmarking for future reference.

Here are a couple homeschool websites that have links to free printable worksheets for elementary school students:

Free Writing Paper for Elementary School (Kindergarten, Printing, etc.) - print what you need when you need it. (And you don't need to worry about spilling coffee or cereal on your writing pad!)

MES English is a great website for phonics and early English learners. Many of the programs are for English as a Second Language, but I have found these are excellent for phonic lessons. They have a separate link for Free Worksheets, that includes phonic worksheets, English learning games, music sheets, printable certificates, flashcards, and more. The beginning CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) phonic worksheet sets were better than the workbooks I've been looking at and are definitely worth taking a look at. This website has taught me to look at ESL programs for reading and phonic lessons - and I'm finding many ESL programs are more effective than standard elementary school lesson plans.

I'll be adding more links later. Hope this helps someone in their search for homeschool worksheets!


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