Friday, May 1, 2009

Links to Homeschooling Art Websites

Homeschooling artists - don't forget that the deadline for the Google Doodle art contest is tomorrow March 17th! It only takes a couple seconds to register your homeschool student online, and entries aren't due until March 31st. (Received by March 31st - which just happens to be my birthday. That's probably why they picked that date.)

For more information see my Doodle Google homeschool post.

Meanwhile, here's some links to lesson plans on art for homeschool elementary students and some older homeschoolers:

Incredible Art List of Elementary Art Lesson Plans
Very nice selection of lesson plans which also lists the principles taught.
Their homepage is definitely worth exploring for finding homeschool art and history lessons!

Huntsville City School Elementary Art Index has a nice long list of art lesson plans for homeschoolers, and there are links to the basic principles of design - which can help with your Google Doodle artwork. There are also links to lesson plans on architecture, and links to history lessons on famous artists.

You've probably looked around, but I just found a page on How to Draw Animals that has an an adorable bunny just right for Easter.

We're off to the dentist today (for my two teenagers, lucky homeschooled Jesse doesn't have her appointment for a while...). The two teens are going to take their permit test, and we have loads of grocery shopping to do. We refer to these days as "bebopping around" days. Well, I do at least.

Have fun doodling!

For more Free Printables, Homeschool Worksheets and Free Lesson Plans, go to Homeschool Websites Homepage

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