Monday, May 25, 2009

Homeschool Elementary School Science Websites

Homeschooling science classes for the early grades is fun and messy - and great for the elementary student that can't sit still. However, I warn every parent from letting your child do too many volcano experiments....the potential of running out of vinegar because your child was mastering explosions does exist. Since I can't find my two fat science experiment books (nor the vinegar), I'll list some homeschooling science websites here as I find them.

Kids Science Experiments has very easy science experiments that homeschooled children can do with simple supplies. For the most part, these are simple every day household items. The topics the Kids Science Experiments website has listed are: Absorption, Balancing & Gravity, Bending Light, Bouncing & Reflecting Light, Curious Colours, Static Electricity, Floating & Sinking Heat, Magnetism, Materials & Properties, Matter, Mixing & Separating, Plants & Flowers, Pressure, Science Facts, Reactions, Science Facts, Starting & Stopping, Surface Tension, Surprising Senses, and Temperature. I'd love to try the chocolate covered rose experiment, but my yard is full of snow and it'll be a few months before I see any rose leaves. I can easily substitute an icicle for the picking up an ice cube without touching it experiment.

The Pro Teacher website has a list of topics and lesson plans with science experiments that teachers have used in their class, as well as links to other science resources. Many of these require supplies that you might have to go out of your way to find - but there are some great ideas. The science website includes topics covering air pressure, physical sciences, light, heat, sun, solar, convection, chemistry, energy, inertia, insulators, properties, sound and momentum. You'll find homeschool science experiments for elementary grades as well as junior high and high school.

If there's any other New Yorkers out there, this is a cache version of New York State Core Curriculum for Science for grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 from the State Education Department at the University of Buffalo. You can download the pdf at this website.

The Julian Trubin website includes lots of links on science fair experiments and science projects on Simple Machines. There's a lot of interesting science experiments here that homeschoolers can have fun with. There are elevator projects, looking at an amusement park, building catapults and a lot more indepth science experiences. You have to click on the red "R" or "S" to go to the link. The text of the science experiment or science projects are not directly linked. It says the science experiments are for grades 4, grades 5 and grades 6 - but my daughter is in grade 3 and she'd enjoy some of these - and it's a good source for getting ideas and brainstorming.

Discovery Education has a link on Forces and Motion. Discovery Education is always a great website for science homeschool lesson plans, and if you haven't been there, you're missing out on some great homeschooling ideas for science!

The Science Spot Kids Zone looks great for homeschooling! They have everything from the physical sciences, to astronomy, life sciences, forensic science, chemistry and more. I'll have to explore this a little more.

The Av Kids website has a list of science experiments that look easy for elementary homeschool students on Forces and Motion and underneath their heading of "Concepts of Aeronautics."

Eanes Texas School District lists information on standards in science curriculum for third grade and other elementary grades.

Park City School District has a list of pdf files to use for science classes in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade.

I'll have to cut this post short. Hope these science experiment links for elementary kids is of use to other homeschoolers! We're having a whopping 44 degree heat wave so Jess has to get her bike out and enjoy the nice weather while she can!

Have a wonderful day!

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