Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Homeschool Lesson Plans and Aids Awareness Lesson Plan Link

Today is World Aids Day, and I did a post with links to statistics on Aids at my Reporting Statistics blog. During my search for statistics, I found a lesson plan National Geographic has on Aids for grades 6 to 8 - the upper elementary grades. It uses charts and graphs to communicate the severity of Aids in Africa. I wasn't planning on doing a post on this homeschool blog today, but I couldn't pass up sharing the National Geographic Aids Lesson Plan link...and since I'm here..I might as well surf around...

Discovery Education, which has a "worksheets to go" page, also has a Lesson Plan on Aids for Grades 9-12 (scroll down a bit on the page).

Advocates for Youth has a list of lesson plans on topics for teens - including Aids. I found that link on a website called SchoolCounselors that has a list of lesson plans on all subjects and for every grade level. You'll have to browse through because they're not really organized, but the lesson plan links are quite easy to read so you can browse through the website quickly to see if there's anything you can use for homeschooling.

There is also a link which is cached of an Aids lesson for elementary students called Band-Aid to the world, but the link to the pdf file is listed in the cache if you're interested. The link title mentions Oprah, so I thought it might be worth posting. It has some 2004 statistics but might be worth looking at. There is also the Sexed Library website with related lessons plans, and I'm sure there's one on Aids floating around in there somewhere.

Here's a Grade 5 Lesson Plan on Aids, and there are many links on health education (from 1998) for 5th graders on the same website. Gee, that's ten years ago. It's probably appropriate for first graders now! (Okay, so I'm exaggerating - but only a little.)

Here is a very nice list of health education links on drugs and Aids from Washington Township Highschool. Definitely worth a look even if your child is in elementary school. There are health and science links for every grade level, and many of the websites cover all of the major homeschool subjects.

A website named Teachnology has lesson plans on Aids and some printables and worksheets, but it looks like you have to subscribe to get any use out of it. However, after clicking on a link I was informed there are 3 free lesson plans. They have a list of lesson plans on Aids for elementary and highschool students. Another website with links to lesson plans on community awareness, including a lesson plan on Aids for teenagers, is Learning Planet. They too are looking for membership, but they do offer free sample lesson plans.

I was fortunate to stumble on the Columbia Education Center Website which has hundreds of free lesson plans on all subjects for elementary grades and high school students. The website isn't fancy - but you'll find some great lessons plans and it's definitely worth a visit. I also came across a link, I believe from the Hot Chalk website, with a list of free lesson plans submitted by visitors. I believe I joined Hot Chalk some time ago - it's free and I believe there are a LOT of free lessons plans, printables and worksheets available from their website.

For elementary kids, starting science lessons with educational microscopes and bacteria and fungi science kits will give them a good start on finding a cure for Aids - and every other disease that haunts our generations.

I've been on this computer far too long and my daughter is going to be overdosed on Curious George (although I think it's too late) if I don't get my hands handing out homework instead of looking up statistics and lesson plans on Aids. Enough of the big kid stuff...little kid stuff is more fun.

I'm working on putting up a post with lots of links to resources for homeschool elementary math lesson plans and free printable worksheets - so check back or sign up for the blog's email alerts or RSS feed if you're interested!

Until then, have fun with health! (Better yet - take a look at this board game I just found that teaches consequences of your actions.)

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