Friday, September 19, 2008

Start of a New Blog

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The homeschool group at Shelfari finally got me motivated to start a homeschool blog. I've been thinking about it for the last year or so but keep putting it off for bigger and better things. Since bigger and better things haven't come around yet - and I need a place to organize all these homeschool websites - I'll be creating a collection of links to homeschool websites that provide worksheets, educational games and all kinds of stuff for elementary school students and the early grades. I'm also going to get a search engine up that searches only websites that are related to homeschooling.

I have a search engine that only searches websites for statistics at and thought - hey - what a great idea - I should do that for homeschooling! So - I am. Of course the Reporting Statistics blog has led to start a website at just cause it was so fun and there's soooo much information out there. It'll be easier to arrange and organize information onto separate pages in a website format rather than this blogger format. I'm thinking that once I start this homeschool blog I'll probably end up putting up a website to. Just 'cause they're fun.

Meanwhile, time for me to take a shower and get to work on my writing since homeschooling is over for a couple hours. It's beautiful outside - so we do just a couple hours during the day (1pm to 3pm) and then 3 more hours in the evening when it gets dark out. My daughter was really frustrated and resiliant today though. The sun and fresh air will clear up her mood. Five hours a day is mandated by New York. Easy to do in the winter when it's dark and cold all day!

Off I enjoy the shower without anyone banging at the door...hmmm where's that chocolate I hid????

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